In order to be eligible for the scholarship, the STUDENT must be a member before May 1st of their junior year of high school.  Student must meet membership requirements(see membership page).

Congratulations to our 2022 recipients!


Application must include:  letter of recommendation, transcript, and must be signed by principal.


Rhaelee Adams - WheelerISD
Morgan Maloney - Hooker ISD
Mattie Baird - Hooker Public School
Aylin Navarrete - Booker ISD
Janessa Barbee - Follett ISD
Vanessa Navarrete - Perryton ISD
Brody Bigham - Perryton ISD
Veronica Ontiveros - Perryton ISD
Maddie Brewster - Canadian ISD
Vareeksha Sharma - Hooker ISD
Hope DeSantiago - Perryton ISD
Dylan Skelton - Wellington ISD
Eric David Ferguson III - Booker ISD
Hollie Stalder - Hooker ISD
Mya Fabbro - Hooker ISD
Chloe Tanner - Perryton ISD
Madelynne Flanagan - Hooker ISD
David Uribe - Wheeler ISd
Connor Gatlin - Canadian ISD
Madison Waters - Wellington ISD
Logan Gatlin - Canadian ISD
Jessye White - Darrouzett ISD
Megan Howard - Follett ISD
Kyla Kane - Wellington ISD
Riley Lehnert - Turpin Public School