In order to be eligible for the scholarship, the STUDENT must be a member before May 1st of their junior year of high school.  Student must meet membership requirements(see membership page).

Congratulations to our 2021 recipients!


Application must include:  letter of recommendation, transcript, and must be signed by principal.

Jayden Castillo, Wellington ISD
Cole Cathcart, Hooker Public
Reagan Cochran, Canadian ISD
Jayden Flaming, Perryton ISD
Omar Flores, Booker ISD
Skyler Hall, Perryton ISD
Houston Hardcastle, Wheeler ISD
Marshal Howard, Follett ISD
Jacob Isaacs, Turpin Public School
Molly Jones, Follett ISD
Emma Kane, Wellington ISD
Kylin Killian, Wellington ISD
Rachel Leatherman, Canadian ISD
Brittyn LeCompte, Perryton ISD
Samuel McLain, Wellington ISD
Macey Merydith, Booker ISD
Briana Morning, Wellington ISD
Dani Ponder, Wellington ISD
Abrianna Rason, Perryton ISD
Alyssa Rutz, Perryton ISD
Gavin Sager, Balko ISD
Jacob Schollnebarger, Perryton ISD
Hayden Stroope, Shamroack ISD
Sicily Sumrall, Wellington ISD
Ezequiel Vega, Hooker Public School
Morgyan Vela, Perryton ISD
Vance Vyoral, Perryton ISD
Dalton Weinette, Booker ISD