In order to be eligible for the scholarship, the STUDENT must be a member before May 1st of their junior year of high school.  Student must meet membership requirements(see membership page).

Congratulations to our 2018 recipients!

Kamri Ashmore; Wellington ISD
Phillip Ayala; Canadian ISD
Holden Born; Follett ISD
Yeseni Cano; Hooker ISD
Chandler Dearmin; Balko ISD
Benjamin Gibson; Perryton ISD
Cordell Haught; Hooker ISD
Nathan Hugg; Perryton ISD
Katie Johnson; Perryton ISD
Jessica Kear; Perryton ISD
Zachary League; Hooker ISD
Breckyn LeCompte; Perryton ISD
Garrett Maloney; Hooker ISD
Aimee Mcfarland; Hooker ISD
Diego Mendoza; Hooker ISD
Kylie Miller; Darrouzett ISD
Molly Northcutt; Canadian ISD
Marcos Reyes; Darrouzett ISD
Cooper Richardson; Wellington ISD
Tyler Richardson; Canadian ISD
Nichole Roinson; Wheeler ISD
Lanie Schollenbarger; Perryton ISD
Jesus Ontiveros; Perryton ISD
Julia Smith; Balko  ISD
Justin Smith; Follett ISD
Cameron Warren; Wellington ISD
James Luke Williams; Wellington ISD
Landon Wheeler; Miami ISD
Shyana Zybach; Ft. Elliot ISD


Application must include:  letter of recommendation, transcript, and must be signed by principal.